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Holiday in the National Parks

Barney Cam VI: "Holiday in the National Parks"

Barney Cam VI: Holiday in the National Parks
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National Park ServiceLearn more about the Junior Park Ranger program. Click here.

North Lawn of the White House, covered in snow. Transition to the cover of the 2007 Holiday Program opening to read "A few weeks before Christmas..." Transition to President George W. Bush and Barney on the South Lawn.

Barney leads the way as President George W. Bush carries Barney’s favorite soccer ball out to play on the South Lawn of the White House, Sunday, Nov. 25, 2007.PRESIDENT BUSH: Hey Barney. I love the outdoors, and there is nothing greater than our national parks.

Did you know that the White House grounds are a national park?

(Views of the grounds of the White House and other national parks.)

Sure are... one of almost 400 parks all over the country.

(Barney pictures himself and Miss Beazley at Mount Rushmore.)

Sure, Barney. You and Miss Beazley could be Junior Park Rangers if you want to, but you're sure going to have to learn about the national parks if you want to be a Junior Park Ranger. And Barney, if I'm not mistaken, you've already got a pretty big job to do right here at the White House with the Christmas decorations.

(Barney hurries off to see about the Christmas decorations. Barney plays with ornaments with The President's Own United States Marine Band. Barney and Miss Beazley run round around the White House and watch the decorations go up. Barney runs into Secretary of the Interior, Dirk Kempthorne in the Red Room.)

SEC. KEMPTHORNE: Hey Barney, it really is beginning to feel like Christmas around here. Keep up the great work.

(Barney pictures the White House as a national park.)

Well, Barney, of course I know they're a national park — I mean, I'm the Secretary of the Interior.

But did you know about the President's Initiative that during the next decade we're going to invest over a billion dollars in to parks. It's going to allow us to spruce up the parks and we're going to bring on new park rangers.

(Barney pictures himself and Miss Beazley as Junior Park Rangers.)

Barney? You want to be a Park Ranger?

You know what, I know just the person you need to talk to.

(Barney hurries out of the Red Room in search of this person. He finds the Director of the National Park Service, Mary Bomar, in her office. She opens the door and greets Barney.)

Barney & Miss Beazley play with their soccer ball in the snow on the South Lawn of the White House, Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2007.MARY BOMAR: Hello Barney. I hear that you and Miss Beazley want to become Junior Rangers. Come on in, let's talk about it.

(Barney enters her office to discuss becoming a Junior Park Ranger. Door opens and Barney leaves her office.)

See if you can come up with a big idea to help shine the spotlight on the parks, and I'll be proud to make you and Miss Beazley Junior Park Rangers!

(Barney and Miss Beazley go dashing through the decorated Cross Hall to check on the progress of the other decorations. Montage of White House decorations. Barney and Miss Beazley run off to meet up with Barbara and Jenna Bush in a sitting room.)

JENNA BUSH: I'm so proud of you two. The Christmas decorations are coming along beautifully and you're way ahead of where you were last year.

BARBARA BUSH: Hey Barney, did I hear that you and Miss Beazley are trying to become Junior Park Rangers?

Barbara and Jenna Bush join Miss Beazley and Barney, during a visit to the Lincoln Bedroom Sunday, Nov. 25, 2007, for the taping of Barney Cam.JENNA BUSH: That's great. We love the national parks. Remember, I got engaged in one.

(Barney and Miss Beazley picture themselves getting married in their finest clothes. And then they are off to play outside. Together, they run out of the South Portico to play in the snow on the South Lawn. Barney and Miss Beazley play with their favorite balls in the snow. Then the two come rushing back into the White House and check on more decorations going up. Running around the White House, Barney, Miss Beazley and Kitty chase ornaments and inspect the trimming. After seeing all the decorations go up, Barney and Miss Beazley dash up the red carpeted stairs to see Mrs. Bush. With Miss Beazley in Mrs. Bush's lap and Barney on the sofa beside her, Mrs. Bush reads a book about Park Rangers to them.)

MRS. BUSH: Barney and Miss Beazley, look at all the exciting things that Park Rangers do. Park Rangers are scientists and historians — they do everything - from law enforcement, to fire management, to search and rescue. Our national parks are so important.

(Barney starts daydreaming about becoming a Junior Park Ranger with Miss Beazley.)

MARY BOMAR: Barney and Beazley, you are great supporters of the National Parks Service and you have shown tremendous commitment to our national parks. Let's raise your paw — kids you too.

I hereby name you both Junior Park Rangers.

(Applause erupts in the background. The daydream continues with country music star Alan Jackson and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair congratulating them.)

ALAN JACKSON: Junior Park Ranger? Okay Barney, now you've gone country.

FORMER PRIME MINISTER TONY BLAIR: Congratulations Barney and Miss Beazley on becoming Junior Park Rangers. Well done.

As someone born in Edinburgh, Scotland, it's always good to see the Scots doing well.

(Barney looks at the camera, tilts his head and a "boing" sound effect is heard. Barney's daydream ends and he's sitting with Miss Beazley on Mrs. Bush's lap in front of the Christmas tree in the Blue Room.)

Mrs. Laura Bush sits with Barney and Miss Beazley before the White House Christmas tree, Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2007, in the Blue Room of the White House.MRS. BUSH: Barney and Beazley, I'm so proud that you all wanted to become National Park Junior Rangers. Our national parks are so important. And in fact, the lawn where you play is part of our national parks.

President Bush and I wish everyone a very happy holiday.


President George W. Bush
Mrs. Laura Bush
Barbara & Jenna Bush
Miss Beazley
The "President's Own" United States Marine Band
Dirk Kempthorne, Secretary of the Interior
Mary Bomar, Director, National Park Service

Guest appearances by:

Tony Blair, Former Prime Minister of Great Britain
Alan Jackson

Special Thanks:

Dale Haney
Maria Galvan
Michael Glenn Monroe (Artist for holiday booklet)
Anita McBride

Outtake: President George W. Bush tries to shoot the first scene of Barney Cam — but Barney has other plans.

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: Barney, I know you love the national parks too. Hey, did you know the White House grounds are a national park?

(Barney runs away.)

Come here Barney.

(President laughs.)

Yeah, you come here.

Music by:
"The President's Own" United States Marine Band
Colonel Michael Colburn, Director

Track info:
1.) Christmas Cheer
2.) Christmas Jazz 2007
3.) We Wish You a Merry Christmas
4.) Jingle Bells
5.) Trepak from the Nutcracker