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crèche that has been displayed in the East Room during the holidays for more than thirty years. Made in Italy in the 18th century, the figures representing the Christmas story are made of terra cotta and carved wood.

Gold and lime ribbons decorate the window wreaths and the garlands filled with lights and crystal accents that add glitter throughout the room. On each mantel is a crystal candelabra, with a topiary of pink roses in a vermeil cache-pot on either side. The focal point of the room is the splendid buffet table, dressed for the season in lime-green taffeta with a matching overlay lined in brilliant pink. Three silver pedestals sport collars of vivid green pears and are filled with spectacular pink French tulips.

Green Room

The Green Room is alive with color so rich you can almost taste it! Gleaming urns are filled with greenery, limes and pineapples; hot pink amaryllis add to the inviting display; and on the table is a generous bowl of limes.