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Downstairs Corridor Historical Photo Essay

Before taking a photo with Hispanic members of his staff as part of the Cinco de Mayo celebrations, President George W. Bush speaks with Secretary for Housing and Urban Development Mel Martinez in the downstairs corridor May 3, 2002. In the China Room, Laura Bush takes a sneak preview at White House Pastry Chef Roland Mesnier's gingerbread creation Dec. 2, 2001. Built from more than 80 pounds of gingerbread, it is a re-creation of the original White House as it appeared in 1800 when John Adams became the first resident. From the Diplomatic Room doorway, Barney waits attentively for the President April 16, 2002. Before the 1902 renovation, the Diplomatic Room and the other rooms on the ground floor were used for storage. Laura Bush poses in the Map Room for a Family Circle article featuring the White House’s 2001 holiday decorations Sept. 10, 2001.
Jacqueline Kennedy gives a tour of the newly-refurbished White House Library June 21, 1962. Mrs. Kennedy also gave a televised tour for her historic redecoration of the State Floor of the White House. With a curious look, first pet Millie Bush has her paw print made for a greeting card in the China Room on July 2, 1991. Millie's owners were President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush. Millie's offspring, Spot, now lives in the White House with President George W. Bush and Laura Bush. President Dwight Eisenhower and Mamie Eisenhower receive a donation of antique furniture for the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House on June 29, 1960. The Federal style furniture includes a pale gold silk sofa and matching chairs. Joining the Eiswenhowers are Michael Greer of the National Society of Interior Designers, Inc. and designer Dora Brahms. President William Clinton makes a phone call from the historic Map Room. The Map Room was created during World War II as Franklin Roosevelt’s War Room.

Enjoy photographs capturing events and special moments in the Downstairs Corridor. The top row is a collection taken during President George W. Bush's administration. The bottom row highlights historical events in the Downstairs Corridor.