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Winter 2002 VOLUME 26
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New York Domestic Policy Trip – November 5-8, 2001

The 2001-2002 White House Fellows class embarked on their first domestic policy trip to New York City with the theme of “leadership in crisis and changing economic times” in the wake of events of September 11th.

Their trip was packed with meetings and visits to fabled NYC institutions like the United Nations, the New York Stock Exchange, Broadway and of course the World Trade Center site. The Fellows began their trip in New York City with policy briefings at the United Nations, where high-ranking UN officials, including Deputy Secretary General Louise Frechette, briefed them on efforts made by the international community to promote and protect human rights, the mission of the Department of Political Affairs, the mission of the Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Fellows and Alumni at a breakfast meeting at the headquarters of the Girl Scouts of the USA.Bill Johnston, president of the New York Stock Exchange, hosted a breakfast discussion on the market’s response to 9/11 and the outlook for the upcoming fiscal year. The visit to the NYSE was capped off with time on the busy trading floor. The group walked over to visit Site59, the thriving travel-industry dot.com headed by former Fellows Jeff Glueck (‘98-99) and Michelle Peluso (‘98-99). In addition to learning about that business, several Site 59 employees discussed what happened at their building the morning of testified to America’s enduring entrepreneurial spirit.

Fellows pose outside of the Patrol Borough Manhattan North Headquarters with Chief Nicholas EstavilloCredit Suisse First Boston’s CEO, John Mack, Wall Street Journal editors Paul Gigot (‘86-’87) and William McGurn (Commissioner, ‘00-’01), former Treasury Secretary Bob Rubin, and leading conservative theorist William F. Buckley each addressed the lingering economic and political ramifications of September 11th from their own distinct perspectives. John Miller, ABC News Corespondent and the only western journalist to interview Osama bin Laden briefed the Fellows on his experiences in getting the interview in ___ and dealing with the Al Quada network.

Rear Admiral Marty Evans (‘79-’80) hosted a reception for the Fellows and New York area alumni and discussed the not-for-profit industry. Captain Art Athens (‘87-‘88) hosted the Fellows on a Merchant Marine vessel and briefed them on the mission of the Merchant Marines and their activities on and after September 11th.

Fellows Bobbi Shea and Steve Poizner talke with officers at the command post at Ground Zero.After hearing from America’s best and brightest, our fellows witnessed firsthand the horror of Ground Zero and conversed with New York’s “finest” and “bravest” – those heroic members of the NYPD and FDNY. Lt. Brenda Berkman (‘96-‘97) hosted the Fellows at Ladder Company 12.

The last day of the trip was spent at West Point Military Academy. Greeted by LTG William Lennox (‘86 – ‘87), the Fellows first met with General McCaffrey to discuss his insights concerning America’s new war and the challenges she will face in light of it. After an aerial tour of West Point, the Fellows received a Command Briefing, and toured the Cadet Mess, Cadet Barracks and Bartlett Hall’s Photonic Research Lab. The Superintendent and Mrs. Lennox concluded the visit with a reception in their home.

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