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A Report from the White House Fellows
Letter From the Director
White House Fellows Join Nation In Celebrating the Life of John W. Gardner
President Announces New Commissioners
Colonias Domestic Study Policy Trip
2001-2002 Class Enthusiastically Embraces Community Service
WHF Alumni Visit Vietnam
Where are They Now?

President Announces New Commissioners

In April, President Bush announced his intention to nominate the following people to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships

Jay Johnson of Richmond, VA

Victor Arias of Irving, TX

Myrna Blyth of New York, NY

Corrine Lindy Boggs of New Orleans, LA

Julie Eisenhower of Berwyn, PA

Ronald Fogleman of Durango, CO

Lisa Gable of Portola Valley, CA

William Ellison Grayson of San Francisco, CA

Kay Coles James of Arlington, VA

Edith Jones of Houston, TX

Jeffrey Pope of Atlanta, GA

William Roper of -Chapel Hill, NC

Jim Smith of Reno, NV

Barbara Vucanovich of Reno, NV

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