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Regional Panelists
WHF Program Survey

June 2001

President Bush's Commission on White House Fellowships is interested in looking at ways to enhance the White House Fellows program. To that end, we have developed this short survey to collect some initial data on the program. It would be most helpful if you could provide as much detail as possible. Feel free to add any additional suggestions or comments, expanding as much as possible either on another piece of paper or via email.

Please return your survey answers by June 30th to the White House Fellows Program.

The fax number is (202) 395-6179 or via email: Lweber@whf.gov.>

1. Name (optional)

2. WHF Class year

3. Did you feel that your White House Fellowship met your expectations? Yes/No

Please explain.

4. What did you like the best about the Program?



5. What did you like the least about the Program?



6. Would you change anything about the program? If so, what would it be?



7. In what ways did the program impact you professionally?



8. Please provide any additional thoughts or comments on your experience or on the program.

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