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Council on Environmental Quality
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Conserving America’s Wetlands 2007:
Three Years of Progress
Implementing the President’s Goal

Appendix D.
Department of Commerce
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Table D-1. NOAA Programs Supporting the President's Wetlands Goal in FY 2008. Funding (millions of dollars)


Program Restore or Create Improve Protect Total Wetlands Funding for Goal FY 2008 Difference from FY 2007
Fisheries Habitat Restoration 0.842 13.430 0.000 14.272 -3.542
Great Lakes Restoration Program 0.000 1.500 0.000 1.500 0.000
Total   0.842 14.930 0.000 15.772 -3.542

Table D-2. NOAA Programs Supporting the President's Wetlands Goal in FY 2008. Planned Accomplishments (in acres)


Program Restore or Create Improve Protect Total Wetlands FY 2008 Difference from FY 2007
Fisheries Habitat Restoration 2,000 3,000 0 5.000 500
Great Lakes Restoration Program 0 75 0 75 0
Total   2,000 3,075 0 5,075 500

NOAA Programs Supporting the President's Wetlands Goal

Community-based Restoration Program (CRP): The CRP applies a grassroots approach to restoration by actively engaging community members in on-the-ground restoration of coastal fishery habitats around the Nation. The CRP embraces cooperative conservation by establishing partnerships that collaboratively restore NOAA trust resources, improving environmental quality and strengthening stewardship within local communities. FY 2008 funding request is $12.8 million. programs/crp/

Great Lakes Habitat Restoration Program: In FY 2008, NOAA will establish a cross-NOAA program to coordinate habitat restoration and protection efforts. Taking into account the priority needs identified by the Great Lakes Interagency Task Force, NOAA will focus its restoration and protection to support ongoing efforts at watersheds within Great Lakes Areas of Concern. FY 2008 funding request is $1.5 million.

NOAA Programs that Maintain the Wetlands Base

National Estuarine Research Reserve System: This network of protected areas was established for long-term research, education, and stewardship. The partnership program between NOAA and the coastal states protects more than one million acres of estuarine land and water, which provides essential habitat for wildlife; offers educational opportunities for students, teachers, and the public; and serves as living laboratories for scientists. FY 2008 funding request is $16.8 million.

Coastal Zone Management Program (CZM): CZM is a voluntary Federal–state partnership dedicated to comprehensive management of the Nation’s coastal resources. State CZM programs contain provisions for the protection of estuaries, coastal wetlands, and other natural resources. Funding supports implementation of state CZM programs, including numerous state and local coastal habitat protection and restoration projects. FY 2008 funding request is $66.1 million.

Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program (CELCP): The CELCP was established to protect coastal and estuarine lands considered important for their ecological, conservation, recreational, historical, or aesthetic values, giving priority to lands with significant ecological values that can be effectively managed and protected. The program provides funding to state and local governments to acquire such lands to ensure they are permanently conserved for the benefit of future generations. FY 2008 funding request is $15 million.

Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund (PCSRF): Congress established the PCSRF to contribute to the restoration and conservation of Pacific salmon and steelhead populations and their habitats. The states of Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, and Alaska, and the Pacific Coastal and Columbia River tribes receive Congressional PCSRF appropriations from NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service each year. The fund supplements existing state, tribal, and local programs to foster development of Federal-state-tribal-local partnerships in salmon and steelhead recovery and conservation. The President’s FY 2008 request for the fund is $66.8 million.

National Estuaries Restoration Inventory: This program was created to track estuary habitat restoration projects across the Nation. The purpose of the inventory is to provide information on restoration projects in order to improve restoration methods, as well as to track acreage restored toward the millionacre
goal of the Estuary Restoration Act.

Damage Assessment, Remediation, and Restoration Program (DARRP): As a natural resource trustee, NOAA acts on behalf of the public to restore resources injured by oil spills, releases of other hazardous substances, and vessel groundings. DARRP collaborates with other Federal, state, and tribal natural resource trustees in assessing and quantifying injuries to natural resources, seeking damages for those injuries, implementing restoration actions, and monitoring progress to ensure restoration goals are met. FY 2008 funding request is $8.9 million.

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