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Council on Environmental Quality
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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Center

Welcome to the CEQ Freedom of Information Act Requester Service Center ("CEQ FOIA Center"). This CEQ FOIA Center was created in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, 5 USC § 552 (FOIA) and Executive Order 13392, which directs Federal agencies to ensure citizen-centered and results-oriented FOIA operations.. The CEQ FOIA Center provides basic instructions on obtaining information through FOIA requests for CEQ documents. Pursuant to the FOIA and Executive Order 13392, CEQ has established an Online Reading Room where CEQ makes available copies of documents regarding environmental issues and other documents that, because of the nature of their subject matter, are likely to be the subject of FOIA requests. To save both time and money, please review the documents currently available from the CEQ Home Page and the Online Reading Room before submitting a request. CEQ generally organizes its records according to topics of environmental policy or law. Most CEQ records are not retrievable by the name of an individual.

Submitting a FOIA request to CEQ

When submitting a FOIA request to CEQ, please state that the request is being made under the Freedom of Information Act, The request should be as specific as possible in identifying the documents that you are requesting, and you should include your name, address and sufficient contact information to allow us to contact you regarding the scope and status of your request. Please be aware that FOIA requests may, themselves, be made available for public inspection (including through responses to FOIA requests). Accordingly, please do not submit information regarding trade secrets, confidential or proprietary commercial or financial information, or other information that you do not want to be made available to the public. FOIA requests can be submitted to CEQ by email to the following address: []. FOIA requests can also be submitted by fax to 202-456-0753 or by regular mail to:

Freedom of Information Officer
Council on Environmental Quality
722 Jackson Place, NW
Washington, DC 20503