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Welcome to "Ask the White House" -- an online interactive forum where you can submit questions to Administration officials and friends of the White House. Visit the "Ask the White House" archives to read other discussions with White House officials.

 Easter Egg Roll 2004

Sara Armstrong
Director of the White House Vistors Office
April 6, 2004

Sara Armstrong
Hello. Good to be here. Looking forward to answering your questions on the Easter Egg Roll.

Katie, from Indiana writes:
Who is hosting the Easter Egg Roll this year?

Sara Armstrong
Secretary Paige is the host this year. He will kick-off the official first Egg Roll. He will speak at about 9am. We will webcast the event on

He will also read a book for children (which we will also webcast). He is reading "The Bunny who Found Easter."

Pat, from Youngstown Ohio writes:
Good Morning: Can you tell me who will be the featured guest readers, special children characters, details of the 2004 Easter Egg Roll. We are

coming to DC for the roll and my children are really wondering who will be there Thank You, Pat Morrow

Sara Armstrong
Hi Pat

Here is the info for you. Thanks for asking.

Barney Saltzberg is reading Crazy Hair Day

Nancy Tafuri is reading Will you be my Friend?

Doug Wood is reading Old Turtle and the Broken Truth Martin Waddell is reading Can you Sleep Little Bear DDevin Scillian is reading Fibblestax Eric Rohmann is reading My Friend Rabbitt Laura Numeroff is reading If you Give a Pig a Pancake

And we also have Cabinet members and Senior Staff reading books as well.

Some of the characters who will join us on the South Lawn include: Clifford the Big Red Dog, Elmo, Veggie Tales, The Berenstein Bears and others...

Tune in at 9am on the white house web site.

Beth, from Danbury, CT writes:
What will happen to the Easter Egg Roll if it rains on Monday?

Sara Armstrong
Hello Beth

We hope it doesn't rain, but in case it does, events on the South Lawn will be cancelled. However, we will still have events on the Ellipse and we will still pass out the goodie bags.

In case of inclement weather, you can call the 24 hour information line, 202 456 7041 to check the event status

justin, from school writes:
when is the easter egg hunt?

Sara Armstrong
Hi Justin

The Easter Egg Roll is scheduled for this Monday, April 12 from 8am until 2pm. Go here for all the information:

Kathy, from Jupiter Island writes:
Does the White House use real eggs in the egg races? How many eggs are used and how long does it take? Just curious.

Sara Armstrong
Hi Kathy

Yes, we do use real eggs on the South Lawn. About 7,200 dyed eggs will be used in the egg roll. Another 4,000 will be available for children to color in the "Be an Easter Artist" station on the South Lawn.

Ashley, from Olney, IL writes:
What is the history of the annual White House Easter Egg Roll?

Sara Armstrong
Hi Ashley

A good place to learn about the history of the Egg Roll is right here:


Gabrielle, from Chillicothe Missouri writes:
Who started the first Easter egg roll?

Sara Armstrong
Rutherford B Hayes started the event in 1878. You should try the Easter Egg quiz at to test your knowledge....

Stephen, from Sterling, Virginia writes:
How do we get tickets to go to the easter egg roll? I have 2 kids and have tried in the past unsuccessfully.

Sara Armstrong
Hi Stephen

Free public tickets will be distributed by the Park Service on Saturday, April 10 starting at 7:30am. The remainder of the tickets will be available on Monday, April 12 starting at 7:30am.

Here's some more information for you....

The tickets, which are timed for entrance, will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis at the Ellipse Visitor Pavillion (southwest cornoer of 15th and E Streets). A maximum of five tickets will be issued per person. Children of all ages are welcome to attend, as long as there is at least one child seven years old or under and no more than two adults per group. No tickets are necessary for access or events on the Ellipse.

Edwin, from Washington, D.C. writes:
What is the most challenging aspect of organizing the Easter Egg Roll? What is the most rewarding for you?

Sara Armstrong
The most challenging aspect is making sure all the people are in the right places on the day of the event. There are about 500 volunteers and many staff who contribute to making this event a success.

The most rewarding will be seeing all of the excited kids on the South Lawn.

Monica, from Las Vegas writes:
Does the White House staff dress up as easter bunnies? Happy Easter.

Sara Armstrong
Hi Monica

Yes, we have several staff members who volunteer to play Easter Bunny for the day. The photo of me is with a volunteer who dressed up as a Peep. In addition to the official White House Bunny, we will also have the White House Easter Eggs (people dressing up as eggs), and you will see many children's favorite TV and book characters as well.

Deborah, from Washington, DC writes:
What eventsactivities are available on the Ellipse if you can not get a

ticket to the Easter Roll?

Sara Armstrong
We'll have food tents and reading areas and an entertainment stage. Remember, no tickets are necessary for the Ellipse events.

brendan, from hillcide first house writes:
We heard te President has an Easter Egg Hunt at the White House and kids can come. Is that true? If so, how and when?

Sara Armstrong
Hi Brendan

It is true. Look at my previous answer about how to get tickets and I hope you can come. It's a lot of fun.

Ben, from Hopkins, Minnesota writes:
Since it's inauguration, how has the Easter Egg Roll changed over time? (i.e. presummably the number of eggs dyed has increased over time, etc.)

Thank You Happy Easter to the Bushes and all the White House staff.

Sara Armstrong
Hi Ben

The main theme of the Easter Egg Rolls tend to be the same every year (Easter) but there are changes from year to year. For example, last year the event was limited to military personnel and their families. Also, the host may change from year to year. But every year is sure to be a fun time.

Sara Armstrong
Thanks everybody for your great questions. I hope you have a Happy Easter and log on to the White House web site to watch the Egg Roll events live beginning at approximately 9am on Monday. Happy Easter. Sara

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