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Welcome to "Ask the White House" -- an online interactive forum where you can submit questions to Administration officials and friends of the White House. Visit the "Ask the White House" archives to read other discussions with White House officials.

Mrs. Lynne Cheney
Mrs. Lynne Cheney

September 19, 2005

Thank you for joining us today. Mrs. Cheney will be with us shortly to answer your questions.

Noreen, from Albuquerque, New Mexico writes:
Good Afternoon Mrs. Cheney and thank you for taking our question. I just wanted to wish Vice President Cheney good luck when he goes into surgery next week and that he will be in our thoughts and prayers for a succesful and speedy recovery.

Lynne Cheney
Thank you so much. The Vice President and I are grateful for your thoughts and prayers. We are also grateful to live in a time when medical technology has advanced to a point where medical issues like the aneurysm behind his knee can be dealt with rather easily.

Heather, from Fort Sill, Oklahoma writes:
Not a question but a remark; I just wanted to say what a great job everyone is doing at the White House I dont think you guys get the credit that yall deserve THANKS AGAIN

Lynne Cheney
Boy, do I appreciate that. But I will tell you that I do hear that from many kind people.

cristina, from staten island,ny writes:
who was the first United States Vice President?

Lynne Cheney
John Adams, who was also our second president. And what an interesting man. One of the great things that's happening today is that people like David McCullough are writing great historical biographies about the founders so that we can appreciate all they did. Adams' wife Abigail has a special place in my heart for speaking to him about the lack of status that women had, telling him to "remember the ladies," as he made laws for our new country.

Rebecca, from Highland, CA writes:
How can I help with the hurricane katrina disaster? I have a medical background and secretarial background. I have contacted the Red Cross, but have not heard back from them. I am a caring and compassionate person and I want to do something to help. I am not working right not, so I am available to help. If there are any employment opportunities, I would also be interested in those too. My main concern is to help others in need. I look forward to hearing from you. God Bless, Rebecca

Lynne Cheney
Thank you so much for your commitment to help those in need. Your compassion and concern are part of what makes America such a great and amazing country. I would suggest that you keep an eye on the USA Freedom Corps website at They're trying to keep people informed about what's going on in their local communities.

John, from West Virginia University writes:
Mrs. Cheney, Im a college student from Louisiana studying here at W.V.U.

Upon your tour of the areas what sense did you feel from the residents, administrators and other folks from the region concerning their willingness to over come and rebuild their lives and communities? Did you feel that overwhelming spirit that overcoming this tragedy as we faced when our country went throught 9-11? JOHN

Lynne Cheney
Vice President Dick Cheney and Mrs. Cheney survey damages in one Gulf Shore, Mississippi home Thursday, September 8, 2005, during a walking tour of a neighborhood that was damaged recently by Hurricane Katrina. White House photo by David Bohrer 9/11 was different, I think, because it announced to us that we were at war. But the resilience of Americans shines through both events, the attack on America and this huge natural disaster. I was so impressed with the people I met when I went to Mississippi and New Orleans with the Vice President, with the small town mayors in Mississippi who were bound and determined to help their citizens overcome the devastation that Katrina brought, with the volunteers from the Salvation Army, the Red Cross, and churches across the country who were spending every minute of every waking hour trying to help, with people we met on the streets, standing in front of homes that the storm surge had gone through. They were forward looking, determined to rebuild, and one fellow had even kept his sense of humor. His front door had been pushed open by the storm surge and he said, "Come on in. I'm having an open house." He had just found some pieces of his wife's china, and he knew that would make her happy. But he knew that nothing, really, would ever make up the loss of photographs and other family memories that the storm destroyed.

Michael, from Boston, Massachusetts writes:
Dear Mrs. Cheney,I know that there are many relief efforts underway in the affected region. From your perspective, what do you see as the greatest need at the moment? What do people need most?

Thank you and please give the Vice President my best wishes for a speedy recover on his upcoming surgery. Dr. Michael K.

Lynne Cheney
Cash contributions. That way organizations like the Salvation Army can provide what's needed at the moment. I've been particularly impressed with what faith-based organizations have been able to do in the aftermath of Katrina. And their administrative expenses tend to be low, which means more help for those who have suffered.

Marilyn, from Texas writes:
National Constitution day. That sounds great but I have never heard of it. When and what is it? Many thanks to our wonderful president George W Bush and others who know that it is essential to continue to uphold the most wonderful document since the bible to be written

Lynne Cheney
Lynne Cheney poses for photos with children at George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate, Friday, Sept. 16, 2005 in Mount Vernon, Va., during the Constitution Day 2005: Telling America's Story event. White House photo by Shealah Craighead I've been celebrating Constitution Day with kids for a number of years now. It's September 17th, easy for me to remember, since it's also the birthday of one of my granddaughters! It's the day that the Constitution was signed in Philadelphia in 1787, and surely one worth remembering when you think about how that document has been a framework for our government and a model for freedom-loving peoples around the world. Just this year, Constitution Day became a day mandated for study in our schools, so I hope--as I know you do--that knowledge of this important founding document will become ever more widespread.

Jason, from Chicago writes:
Do you really answer these questions personally - how do you find the timeJason

Lynne Cheney
Yep, Jason, it's me. I spend a good many hours every day at my computer dealing with email and doing research on the internet. But it's a special pleasure to have an internet conversation with people who are "asking the White House." Best to you.

KIm, from Kentucky writes:
Hi Mrs. Cheney,I first wanted to wish V.P. Cheney a speedy recovery in regards to his surgery for his anneurism. He will be in our thoughts and prayers. I also was wondering what some of your initial thoughts were when you first saw the devastation from the hurricane. What, from the visit, affected you the most? Thank you

Lynne Cheney
Mrs. Cheney shakes hands with police and military EMS personnel during a recent tour to the flood ravaged areas of New Orleans, Louisiana Thursday, September 8, 2005, to survey damage and relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. White House photo by David BohrerOne of the things that really impressed me was the role the U.S military is playing. They're not just efficient, they're imaginative, creative in coming up with solutions for the many problems the Gulf states are facing. We watched one operation where the Corps of Engineers and National Guardsmen had come up with a way to plug a hole in one of the dikes. They had managed to get thousands of large bags manufactured, tons of gravel delivered, and they were filling the bags, helicopters were picking them up, and dropping them into the breech in the dike. I don't think anybody had ever done such a thing before, but these young people thought of it and just did it. And it worked.