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National Landmarks Quiz
Which two Presidents are buried at Arlington National Cemetery?
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Teddy Roosevelt
Calvin Coolidge and Woodrow Wilson
Abraham Lincoln and George Washington
William H. Taft and John F. Kennedy
Calvin Coolidge and Martin Van Buren
Fossils representing more than 25 kinds of fish, many varieties of insects, plants, reptiles, birds, and mammals can be found at this Wyoming monument established in 1972.?
Jose's Fossil Fiesta
Fossil Butte National Monument
Fossil Lake Monument
Badlands National Park
Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument
The land for Yosemite National Park, our nation's first state park, was set aside by which President in the 19th Century??
Andrew Johnson
Abraham Lincoln
William Henry Harrison
Rutherford B. Hayes
George Washington
In 1891, President Harrison established what is now known as Yellowstone National Park. What was the park's original name??
Yellowstone Conservation Area
Wyoming National Land
Yellowstone Timberland Reserve
Old Faithful Park
The Land of the Buffalo
Which President lived in a home called Ash-Lawn Highland located in Charlottesville, Virginia??
Andrew Jackson
John Quicy Adams
James Monroe
Thomas Jefferson
James Taylor
This famous performing arts center in Washington, D.C. is named after which President??
Richard Nixon
John F. Kennedy
Abraham Lincoln
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Connors
What is the name of this monument?
Woodrow Wilson National Cathedral
Millard Fillmore's Constitution Pinnacle
Washington Monument
Lincoln's Bill of Rights Tower
Andrew Jackson Memorial/Steakhouse
This monument is known as:
Zachary Taylor Library
Harry S Truman National Sanctuary
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Grover Cleveland National Park
Daytona Speedway
This National Historic Site known as "Springwood" is the former home to whom?
Jimmy Carter
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
Ulysses S. Grant
Thornton Mellon
This National Historic Site is located in what state?
New Mexico

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