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White House Medical Unit

President George W. Bush talks with Dr. Richard Tubb, Brigadier General, USAF, Deputy Assistant and Physician to the President, along the West Wing Colonnade June 25, 2001.

Since the days of our first president, the Office of the Physician to the President has served to preserve the health and fitness of our Nation's Chief Executive.

Today, this tradition continues in the challenging environment of leadership in a global community. To meet the challenge, the White House Medical Unit (WHMU) provides worldwide emergency action response and comprehensive medical care to the President, the Vice President, and their families.

The WHMU ensures the continuity of the Office of the Presidency through seamless integration with the U.S. Secret Service and White House Military Office elements.

Unparalleled global medical intelligence, detailed medical contingency plans, life-saving interventions, and a critical advisory role in implementation of the 25th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution ensure the safety of the President, and the Presidency, around the clock and around the world.

The WHMU also provides emergency coverage for more than 1.5 million annual visitors to the White House and guests of the President, as well as national and international Heads-of-State and diplomats.

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