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Vice President Dick Cheney

In addition to the Vice President's Office in the West Wing, the Vice President and his staff maintain a set of offices in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB), which is located next to the West Wing on the White House premises. The Vice President's Office in the EEOB is called the Vice President's Ceremonial Office. This restored, historical office served as the Navy Secretary's Office when the EEOB housed the State, Navy and War Departments. Today, the Vice President uses the office for meetings and press interviews.

  • Vice President's Ceremonial Office

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        April 2003
    Apr. 11, 2003   Vice President Dick Cheney and Mrs. Cheney Release 2002 Income Tax Return
    Apr. 9, 2003   Vice President Cheney Salutes Troops
    Vice President's Biography
    Mr. Cheney was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, on January 30, 1941 and grew up in Casper, Wyoming.
    Vice President's Residence
    Learn more about the Vice President's Residence through a video tour with Lynne Cheney.

    Vice President's Office
    Learn more about the Vice President's Ceremonial Office through a video tour with Vice President Cheney.

    Military Academy Nominations
    The Vice President is authorized to nominate individuals to the United States Military, Naval, and Air Force Academies.
    Lynne V. Cheney
    Read the biography and speeches of Lynne V. Cheney, wife of Vice President Richard B. Cheney.
    Photo Essay
    Over the years, the White House Military Office has adapted to the evolving role of the President in American society, providing the highest quality service to meet the requirements of the Commander-in-Chief.

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