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Q: How are the results of an IG's work communicated?

A: In addition to the face-to-face communication with agency heads, IGs communicate the results of their work in writing. Generally, agency management is afforded the opportunity to comment on draft audit and evaluation/inspection reports prior to the report being issued in final. IGs issue a variety of written products, such as:

  • Audit, investigative, and inspection/evaluation reports prepared in accordance with professional standards;
  • Semiannual reports to the Congress that describe the work of the IG within the reporting period; and
  • Immediate notice to the agency head to report egregious and flagrant problems and/or abuses. The agency head then transmits this report, along with any comments by the agency head, to the Congress within seven days.

As requested, IGs or their representative may also testify before the Congress or brief committee staff on the results of their work. Depending on the nature of the issues, IGs may be in a position to share their statements with agency management prior to the hearing.

The IG is required by law to report suspected violations of Federal criminal law to the Attorney General. Finally, IGs must report to the agency head a refusal by the agency, or another Federal agency, to provide information to the IG.


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