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America's Fund for Afghan Children
President Bush asks American children to help Afghan children by contributing one dollar (cash, check or money order) individually or collectively to:

    America's Fund for Afghan Children
    c/o The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
    Washington, DC

Find out more on the American Red Cross website for kids

Rebuilding Afghanistan

Fact Sheet about Afghan Children
More than 10 million children in Afghanistan have suffered under years of civil war and drought and now suffer under the repressive Taliban regime:

One in four Afghan children will not make it to their fifth birthday.

Afghanistan ranks number one worldwide in maternal mortality.

One in three Afghan children is an orphan.

Almost 1/2 of Afghan children suffer chronic malnutrition.

Millions face the threat of starvation.

America Responds to Terrorism
The war on terrorism is being fought on many fronts through diplomatic, military, financial and investigative actions. Learn more about this multi-faceted operation, including efforts to provide aid to those in need.
America Responds   Homeland Security Actions   Diplomatic Actions   Military Actions   Financial Actions   Investigative Actions   Humanitarian Actions

President George W. Bush speaks at an assembly of children and civic leaders contributing to America's Fund for Afghanistan Children at The American Red Cross in Washington, D.C., Oct. 16.

America's Youth Respond to Afghan Children's Fund

President Asks American Children to Help Afghan Children View Listen

President Establishes "America's Fund for Afghan Children
President Holds Prime Time News Conference View Listen

"Schools, community and youth organizations can organize events to raise money for this cause. And they can, at the same time, demonstrate compassion and mercy in this hour of need."

President George W. Bush

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