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Appendix C - List of Acronyms

AAR After Action Review
ABA American Bus Association
AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
ARC American Red Cross
ARS Agricultural Research Service
ASD (HD) Assistant Secretary of Defense, Homeland Defense
ATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
ATF SRT Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Special Response Team
AUSA Assistant United States Attorney
BENS Business Executives for National Security
BIA Bureau of Indian Affairs
BLM Bureau of Land Management
BRT Business Round Table
C3I Command, Control, Communications, Information
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CERT Community Emergency Response Team
CIS Catastrophic Incident Supplement
CLO Chief Logistics Officer
CNGB Chief of the National Guard Bureau
CONOPS Concept of Operations
COOP Continuity of Operations
CRWG  Hurricane Katrina Comprehensive Review Working Group
CSG Counterterrorism Security Group
CST Civil Support Team
BEA Bureau of Economic Analysis
DART Disaster Assistance Response Team
DHS Department of Homeland Security
DMAT Disaster Medical Assistance Team
DMORT Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team
DoD Department of Defense
DOE Department of Energy
DOEd Department of Education
DOI Department of the Interior
DOJ Department of Justice
DOL Department of Labor
DOL/OSHA Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration
DOS Department of State
DOT Department of Transportation
DPMU Disaster Portable Morgue Unit
DRC Disaster Recovery Center
DRG Disaster Response Group
DUSM Deputy United States Marshal
EAS Emergency Alert System
EBS Emergency Broadcast System
EHR Electronic Health Records
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EMAC Emergency Management Assistance Compact
EMS  Emergency Medical Services
ERT Emergency Response Team
ERT-A  Emergency Response Team-Advanced
ERT-N Emergency Response Team-National
ESF  Emergency Support Function
FAA  Federal Aviation Administration
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FCO Federal Coordinating Officer
FNS Food and Nutrition Service
FPS Federal Protection Service
FRP  Federal Response Plan
FSA Farm Service Agency
HHS Department of Health and Human Services
HHS SERT Health and Human Services Secretary’s Emergency Response Teams
HLT Hurricane Liaison Team
HSC Homeland Security Council
HSOC Homeland Security Operations Center
HSPD  Homeland Security Presidential Directive
HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development
ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement
ICS Incident Command System
IIMG Interagency Incident Management Group
IMT Incident Management Team
INS Incident of National Significance
IRA Immediate Response Authority
IRS Internal Revenue Services
JFHQ-State Joint Force Headquarters-State
JFO Joint Field Office
JIC Joint Information Center
JTF-Katrina  Joint Task Force-Katrina
JTF-State Joint Task Force-State
LECC Law Enforcement Coordination Center
LSU Louisiana State University
LTG Lieutenant General
MERS Mobile Emergency Response System
MOB center Mobilization center
MRC Medical Reserve Corps
MRE  Meals-Ready-To-Eat
NASAR National Association of Search and Rescue
NCC National Coordinating Center
NCS National Communications System
NDMS National Disaster Medical System
NEEP National Exercise and Evaluation Program
NEMA  National Emergency Management Association
NEP National Exercise Program
NGA National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
NGB National Guard Bureau
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
NHC National Hurricane Center
NHSU National Homeland Security University
NICCL National Incident Communications Conference Line
NIFC National Interagency Fire Center
NIH National Institutes of Health
NIMS National Incident Management System
NIPP National Infrastructure Protection Plan
NISAC National Infrastructure Simulation & Analysis Center
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOC National Operations Center
NOFD New Orleans Fire Department
NOPD New Orleans Police Department
NPG National Preparedness Goal
NPS National Park Service
NRCC National Response Coordination Center
NRP  National Response Plan
NRP-CIS National Response Plan Catastrophic Incident Supplement
NSA National Security Agency
NSC National Security Council
NS/EP National Security and Emergency Preparedness
NTIA National Telecommunications and Information Administration
NVOAD National Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster
NWR NOAA Weather Radio
NWS National Weather Services
OFDA Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OSD-HD Office of the Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense
OSM Office of Surface Mining
OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy
PAO Public Affairs Office
PAO Public Affairs Official
PFO Principal Federal Officer
PHS Public Health Service
RAMP Remedial Action Management Program
RRCC Regional Response Coordination Center
RSOI Reception, Staging, Onward movement, and Integration
SAR Search and Rescue
SCRAG Senior Civilian Representative of the Attorney General
SES Senior Executive Service
SFLEO Senior Federal Law Enforcement Official
SIMCEN National Exercise Simulation Center
SLO State Liaison Officer
SNS Strategic National Stockpile
SOE Senior Official Exercise
SOP Standard Operational Procedures
SSA Social Security Administration
STA Special Temporary Authority
SWAT Special Weapons and Training
TAG Adjutant General
TCC Traffic Control Center
TCL Target Capabilities List
TELL Office of Training, Exercises, and Lessons Learned
TPC Tropical Prediction Center
TSA Transportation Security Administration
USACE United States Army Corps of Engineers
USAID United States Agency for International Development
USCG United States Coast Guard
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USFS United States Forest Service
USJFCOM United States Joint Forces Command
USMS Unites States Marshals Service
USNORTHCOM United States Northern Command
USPACOM United States Pacific Command
USSOUTHCOM United States Southern Command
USSTRATCOM United States Strategic Command
USTRANSCOM United States Transportation Command
US&R Urban Search and Rescue
VOAD Volunteer Organizations Active in a Disaster
VA Department of Veteran Affairs
VADM Vice Admiral

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