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The International Trade Process Streamlining (ITPS) portal, makes it easy for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to obtain the information and documents needed to conduct business abroad.

There are currently 24 million businesses and 225,139 small to medium-sized businesses that export.

Metric Name Measure Measure Period FY08 Target Description/Context
% of agencies providing export content to 100% As of 12/31/07 100% 11 out of a total of 11 Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC) agencies have provided international sales related information to There are 19 ITPS agencies, but only 11 of them have export related content (international sales related information).
# of registered businesses on 39,898 As of 12/31/07 41,222
# of visits to per month 488,983 10/06 to 12/31/07 614,158 Average monthy vists from 10/06 thru 9/07.
Trade leads accessed to trade leads posted on 351 10/06 to 12/31/07 237 From 10/06 thru 9/07 - 1,332 trade leads were viewed a total of 286,289 times. On average, each trade lead was accessed 215 times.
Customer satisfaction with 84% As of 12/31/07 80% 82% of respondents to survey issued by ITPS rated the usability of as "good" or "above average". Survey developed by the initiative.

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