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The Human Resources LOB provides government-wide, modern, cost effective, standardized, and interoperable Human Resource (HR) solutions, further providing common core functionality to support the strategic management of Human Capital.

Metric Name Measure Measure Period FY08 Target Description/Context
% of Scorecard agencies using Shared Service Center (SSC) solutions 68% As of 12/07 Not Available
% of non CFO Act agencies using SSC solutions 69% As of 12/07 Not Available
% of PAR and Benefits through SSC 86% As of 12/07 Not Available
% of Federal Employees serviced through SSC solutions 83% As of 12/07 Not Available
Customer satisfaction 80% As of 3/31/08 Not Available Customer Satisfaction with operational products and services.
% of cost savings/avoidance Available Q3 FY08 Available Q3 FY08 Available Q3 FY08 May include budgeted cost savings, cost avoidance through retirement of legacy systems, redirection of FTE’s, reduced operating/transaction costs, economies of scale and skill, etc.

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