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Deny Sanctuary/Support From Rogue States

Our expanding international Coalition is seeking to build a global environment inhospitable to terrorism. In countries spanning the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia, terrorists are being captured and their networks dismantled. At the United Nations, the G-8, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), the Organization of American States (OAS), and other international fora, we have promoted the adoption and implementation of resolutions condemning terrorism, advanced efforts to prevent and suppress terrorism and terror financing, and increased training and other assistance to build partner states’ capacity to combat terrorism and deny terrorists safehaven. There is a growing call around the world to reject the violent extremism that seeks to justify the use of terrorism as an ideological or political tool.

In addition to attacking al-Qaida and its affiliates, the United States has advanced efforts in the international community to deny safehaven and material support to terrorists. The United States will continue to insist that all state sponsors end support and sanctuary to terrorists. We will continue to implement sanctions against, and promote international isolation of, state sponsors until changes are made. At the same time, we will continue to work with allies in the War on Terror to strengthen their ability to destroy safehavens in remote and undergoverned territories.

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