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Prevent Attacks by Terrorists

As we help societies build their own democracies in the long term, in the immediate and near term we are focused on preventing attacks by terrorists. With our Coalition partners, we have endeavored to disrupt and defeat terrorists and their organizations, networks, associates, and sources of support. Using all instruments of national power and influence, we have made steady progress to isolate and capture key leaders of al-Qaida and affiliated terrorist groups, financiers, and facilitators and deny safehaven and sponsorship to terrorists. We have a multilayered border security system that begins beyond our borders and ensures broad sharing of information so relevant agencies can work together to exclude known or suspected terrorists. We have also taken bold and imaginative steps, such as the Proliferation Security Initiative, the Global Threat Reduction Initiative, and the Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism, to leverage our collective efforts internationally to prevent terrorists from acquiring WMD. Through these endeavors, we continue to reduce the capability of al-Qaida and like-minded terrorist groups to strike the United States and our allies.

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