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Council on Environmental Quality
Executive Office of the President
November 2, 2007

CEQ Fact Sheet: Furthering the President's Commitment to Improve Our Oceans, Coasts, and Great Lakes

On Friday, November 2, Mrs. Laura Bush visited Ocean Springs, Mississippi, located just outside Biloxi, to announce a new Marine Debris Initiative, and to designate the J.L. Scott Marine Education Center as a Coastal America Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center (CELC).  President Bush recognizes the importance of the oceans to our national heritage, economy, and security, and reaffirms our commitment to protecting them through wise stewardship and sensible management. 

Expanding Our Efforts To Reduce Marine Debris Through a New Marine Debris Initiative
Marine debris, including derelict fishing gear and other discarded materials, continue to affect our marine ecosystems and the living resources that inhabit them.  An estimated 6.4 million tons of marine debris litters the world’s oceans and coasts, and it continues to harm our marine environment, natural resources, public safety, and economy.  While some progress has been made in cleaning up the debris, further efforts are needed to prevent, reduce and remove these pollutants.  The Administration is furthering our commitment by:

Promoting Ocean Literacy To Educate and Involve The Public In Protecting Our Nation’s Coastal Ecosystems
Successful ocean stewardship and conservation depend on an informed public.  Mrs. Bush will designate the J.L Scott Marine Education Center as a Coastal America Coastal Ecosystem Learning Center.  This will establish the 21st partnership between the federal government and a marine education center.

Today’s Action Will Advance The Administration's Efforts On Cooperative Conservation


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