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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
October 22, 2007

Fact Sheet: 2008 War Funding Request
Protecting The Force, Equipping Troops, Strengthening National Security

      President Bush Discusses the War Supplemental
      In Focus: Defense

Today, President Bush transmitted to Congress an update of funding requirements in 2008 to continue the Global War on Terror and address other urgent national security needs.  The request ensures that U.S. military forces will remain protected, well-equipped, and ready for future operations; supports ongoing military and intelligence operations in Iraq and Afghanistan; provides care for Wounded Warriors and their families; supports diplomacy and development in Iraq and Afghanistan; and provides economic, security, and humanitarian assistance for urgent needs around the world.  

In February, the President requested and Congress budgeted for $145 billion in war costs, which reflected the best estimate available at that time of the full costs of the war in 2008. In response to a bipartisan call, the Administration included the request in the President's FY08 budget. Detailed justifications for FY07 and FY08 were provided to Congress and the public on government websites.

Congress should listen to the recommendations of our military commanders and fully fund our troops.  Today's request is based upon the findings of General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker.  In September, they reported that conditions on the ground in Iraq had improved, but more funding was needed to continue this progress.  In testimony before Congress, Defense Secretary Robert Gates provided lawmakers with the expected total cost of the war for 2008.


2008 War on Terror Request ($ in billions)

Pending Request



Department of Defense  (includes classified activities)




Department of State and other international operations




Other agencies









Ensuring Our Armed Forces Remain Well-Equipped And Trained

Protecting Our Forces: The President is committed to protecting our men and women in uniform.  The amendment requests additional funding of $14.1 billion.

Supporting Operational And Intelligence Activities

Ongoing Military Operations: The President is committed to providing our troops with the resources and equipment they need. 

Providing Adequate Infrastructure: $1 billion for military construction projects in theater, including airfield improvements, roads, hardening of buildings, and other mission critical facilities that protect U.S. forces and support their operations.

Improving Strategic Readiness: $5.4 billion to fill Army equipment shortfalls and to enhance training of next-to-deploy units. 

Repairing And Replacing Damaged Equipment: $8.8 billion to refurbish or replace worn-out or damaged equipment in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

Caring For Servicemembers And Their Families

Honoring The Sacrifice: The President is committed to ensuring that servicemembers and their families receive the best possible care and support. 

Supporting Diplomacy And Development In Iraq And Afghanistan

Supporting And Expanding Our Diplomatic Presence In Iraq And Afghanistan: $561 million to address the additional extraordinary security and operating costs associated with supporting U.S. diplomatic and reconstruction activity in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Providing For Investment In Iraq: $25 million to initiate a new enterprise fund that will help Iraqi-owned firms access the capital that they need, and $100 million to re-start state-owned enterprises in Iraq to create jobs.

Strengthening Afghan Self-Reliance:  

Responding To Needs Of Displaced Iraqis: $160 million to provide basic health services and education for Iraqi refugees in Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon; and $80 million to provide emergency relief supplies, health care, and water and sanitation infrastructure to people displaced in Iraq.

Support For Pakistan And West Bank

Darfur And Southern Sudan

Moving Forward With North Korea On Denuclearization

Mexico And Central America

Humanitarian Assistance  



# # #

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