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For Immediate Release
Office of the First Lady
June 6, 2007

Mrs. Bush's Remarks at the Opening of America@Your Library
Schwerin City Library
Schwerin, Germany

10:15 A.M. (Local)

MRS. BUSH: Thank you very much, Mayor. I'm so excited to be here with all of you in your beautiful country and in your historic city.

I'd like to recognize your librarian, Mrs. Hamann; the wife of the Ambassador from the United States, Sue Timpken; and the other members of the United States embassy staff that are with us. Thank you all for joining us.

But I'm especially happy to be here with your students, with the students and teachers that are here. Thank you all for coming to join me today.

I'm delighted to help open America@Your Library, here in this library. In partnership with the United States embassy, the City Library now serves as a valuable resource for information about the United States of America.

Books in the America@Your Library collection tell the story of the United States, describing my country's history, culture, and diverse society. And as part of the America@Your Library series, American authors will be invited to speak to you all and talk to you all about literature that children in the United States enjoy.

Reading is how we develop new interests, perform better in school, and have fun. But the benefits of reading extend far beyond the library or the classroom. As we all know, reading and being able to learn and discuss ideas freely is a basic requirement for healthy, democratic societies.

Our countries -- the United States and Germany -- are friends today because we both treasure freedom and we share a deep love of learning. I hope that new ties of friendship will form between Germany and the United States as a result of America@Your Library.

Thank you very much for welcoming me here today, and now I'd love to answer your questions or hear things that you all want to talk about.

END 10:20 A.M. (Local)

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