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Books and Authors

Laura Bush is a former librarian, an ardent lover of books, and an advocate of reading and lifelong learning. By sharing her love of books with children and adults, Mrs. Bush hopes to encourage Americans not only to read themselves, but to share reading with their families. During her time in Texas and Washington, Mrs. Bush has sponsored many initiatives urging children and adults to read, including events that celebrate the great authors and writings of America.

  • White House Salute to America's Authors Mrs. Bush developed this series of literary events to honor some of America's most significant authors, including Mark Twain, authors of the Harlem Rennaisance and women authors of the American West.
  • National Book Festival is supported by Mrs. Bush each year to encourage Americans to develop a lifelong love of reading. The 2004 National Book Festival was held on October 9, 2004, on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. and was free and open to the public.
  • The Designated Reader Campaign, a PBS initiative, encourages parents to read aloud to their children every day. For more information about the Designated Reader Campaign, go to
  • Get Caught Reading is a campaign to get people of all ages across the nation to enjoy reading. The campaign is sponored by the Association of American Publishers and the Magazine Publishers of America.
  • Texas Book Festival is a state-wide festival that Mrs. Bush started as wife of the Governor of Texas. The festival is held in the fall in Austin, Texas.


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