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For Immediate Release
Office of the First Lady
June 5, 2007

Mrs. Bush's Statement to the Media After a Visit to Strahov
Strahov Library
Prague, Czech Republic

1:40 P.M. (Local)

MRS. BUSH: -- (in progress) -- be here to tour the library, since I am a former librarian, and then to have the chance to see these magnificent treasures that are here.

Q Did you happen to see more than with your last visit?

MRS. BUSH: I think I did see more than the last visit. (Laughter.) So thank you for showing me those really great things.

Q Because the first was very short.

MRS. BUSH: Very short. But this is such a beautiful, beautiful building, and such a magnificent treasury.

Q You're traveling to more countries in Europe when you travel with your husband, the President. What are your feelings about the protests against his presence?

MRS. BUSH: Well, of course, no one likes to be protested. But absolutely, it's a fact of democracy that people have the right to protest.

Q Thank you very much.

END 1:41 P.M. (Local)

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