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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
May 2, 2007

President Bush Discusses Iraq War Supplemental with Bicameral Bipartisan Leadership
Cabinet Room

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2:46 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: I thank the leaders from Congress for coming down to discuss the Iraq funding issue. Yesterday was a day that highlighted differences. Today is a day where we can work together to find common ground. I will inform the Speaker and the Leader of our serious intent, and to that end, I am going to name my Chief of Staff, Josh Bolten, along with Steve Hadley and Rob Portman to work with members of both parties to fund our troops.

I think it's very important we do this as quickly as we possibly can. I'm confident that we can reach agreement. I know that it's going to require goodwill, but we all care deeply about our country and care about this issue. And so I want to thank the members for coming down again. I'm looking forward to our discussions. I'm looking forward to what will be a constructive set of discussions and negotiation.

Thank you all.

END 2:47 P.M. EDT

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