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For Immediate Release
April 29, 2007

Setting the Record Straight: Democrats Continue Misrepresenting Gen. Petraeus' Comments
Gen. Petraeus Says Military Action Is “Necessary” For Success In Iraq

      Setting the Record Straight

"Considering that Gen. Petraeus actually says improved security is necessary for political reconciliation in Iraq, it is disappointing that Democrats continue misrepresenting the words of the Commanding General they voted unanimously to confirm. The President looks forward to meeting with Congressional leaders from both parties this week to craft a troop funding bill he can sign."

- White House Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino, 4/29/07

Sen. Feingold's misleading claim: "I think Senator Reid was talking about exactly what General Petraeus said, which is that a military strategy here is not working and it's not going to work." (ABC's "This Week," 4/29/07)

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