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For Immediate Release
Office of the First Lady
October 4, 2003

Closing Remarks by Mrs. Bush at National Book Festival
The East Room

Thank you, Bob (Lanier), and all of our authors for inspiring us this morning. We hope the National Book Festival will inspire more Americans to celebrate great authors and to enjoy books. A good book is like an unreachable itch - you just can't leave it alone. For me, the joy of reading has only intensified as I've gotten older. Where once books were a source of adventure today they are also a source of remembrance. Childhood, parenthood, and even first dates, can be relived in the pages of a good book.

Books are also great sources of comfort and the greatest of teachers. President John Adams said, "The more one reads, the more one sees we have to read." I encourage you to keep reading and to celebrate books and authors today - and everyday. I know you're itching to get to the National Mall, so have fun finding a new chapter and character to explore. Thank you for joining us for the National Book Festival.


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