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For Immediate Release
Office of Mrs. Bush
June 19, 2002

Mrs. Bush's Introduction of President Bush at White House Conference on Character and Community

Thank you all once again -- thanks to our presenters, and the students who show that service has no age limit or minimum. Every voice in this room deserves a national audience.

White House Conference on Character & Community
I've known our final speaker of the day for about 25 years -- 24 of those we've been married. I've seen him in times of great joy and through times of sadness. I sat by his side during some winning and a few losing baseball seasons.

Through the peaks and valleys, I have witnessed one constant in my husband's life, and that's his steadfast belief in the values we discussed today: Love your neighbor as you'd want to be loved. Be kind to one another. Remember that your family is the greatest responsibility you'll ever have. Treat your children like they're the most important people in the world because they are. And last, but not least, listen to your mother.

To quote the hymn that inspired his book, President Bush believes that we all have "a charge to keep," -- a responsibility to use our different gifts to serve a cause greater than self.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my husband, President George W. Bush.

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