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For Immediate Release
Office of the Press Secretary
February 23, 2001

Remarks by the President and Prime Minister Tony Blair in Photo Opportunity
On the Grounds of Camp David

3:23 P.M. EST

Q How is it going so far?

THE PRESIDENT: Pretty darn good.

Q How was lunch? Is it true that Churchill once came to this cabin?

THE PRESIDENT: That's exactly right.

Q How goes the get-acquainted session?

THE PRESIDENT: Good, John, thank you. Ambassador Johndroe was telling us where to go.

Q Sir, can you tell us the historical significance of where you're standing?

THE PRESIDENT: This is where Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the first visitor to Camp David, stayed. It's a huge honor for Laura and me to welcome the current Prime Minister and his wife. And we're about to have a press availability to answer all these difficult questions that you're throwing at us, John. I promised the Prime Minister that you in particular would behave well during the press conference -- and Fournier.

All right, we're actually now going to go for a walk of a couple miles.

Q Mr. Prime Minister, where's your coat?

MR. BLAIR: It's around somewhere, but actually it's a lot warmer than Canada.

THE PRESIDENT: You shouldn't have noticed that.

END 3:26 P.M. EST

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