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Campaign Against Terrorism: A Coalition Update

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1. Introduction

Following the appalling events of September 11th, countries across the world expressed their support for action against terrorism. That support now forms the foundation of a remarkable world-wide coalition.

The Coalition rapidly established its objectives. The first things to do were: to stop Usama Bin Laden and the Al Qa’ida network and to ensure that Afghanistan ceased to harbour and sustain international terrorism.

The Coalition’s objectives remain:

We have destroyed a number of Al Qa’ida training camps in Afghanistan and removed the corrupt Taliban regime. The international community is fully committed to helping Afghanistan recover from the destruction wrought by the Taleban and its close ally - Al Qa’ida.

While Coalition action has achieved a great deal in shutting down terrorist training camps, the Coalition’s campaign in Afghanistan and against terrorism continues.


"What we have found in Afghanistan confirms that, far from ending there, our war against terror is only beginning…If we stop now – leaving terror camps intact and terror states unchecked – our sense of security would be false and temporary."

President G.W. Bush, 29 Jan 2002

The threat to nations and people across the world still continues…..


"What we now have to face is the fact that there are irresponsible states who either have, or are actively seeking, biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

This is the threat which President Bush rightly highlighted in his State of the Union Speech.

And if we continue to allow these states to obtain and develop these weapons, we may find out too late their potential for destruction. "

Prime Minister, Tony Blair 6 March 02

Citizens of dozens of countries died in the attacks on New York, Washington and Pennsylvania



Countries across the world have responded with military action, changes to security measures to freeze terrorist finances, help with the investigation, new laws to prevent and prosecute terrorism, and humanitarian aid to Afghanistan




This report lists some of the actions taken by the Coalition

The report can not list all the measures taken, but goes some way to show how countries of the world are uniting to defeat international terrorism

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Issues In Focus

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