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Campaign Against Terrorism: A Coalition Update

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6. Assistance to Afghanistan

Years of civil war, compounded by the Taliban rule and the worst drought in memory, left Afghanistan impoverished and mired in an extended humanitarian crisis.

The Coalition has helped the people of Afghanistan to throw off the shackles of the Taliban and the occupying forces of Al-Qa’ida.

Through the International Conference on the Reconstruction of Afghanistan in Tokyo the international community demonstrated its long term commitment to Afghanistan.

The Coalition is now helping the people of Afghanistan to rebuild their country.




"Terrorist groups, criminals, drug dealers and disorderly forces who want to be destructive and spread hate and violence in the world are nurtured by, and hide themselves in, failed states.

We always need the capacity to prevent such action and to build efficient modern states that are part of the international community so that it is not vulnerable to terrorist organisations such as those responsible for 11 September."

Clare Short, UK International Development Secretary,
28 Jan 2001







Jordan and Saudi Arabia


"Afghanistan could have not been freed from the occupation of terrorism, from the presence of terrorism, without the help of the friends that we have, without the presence of your troops there, without the sacrifice that they made and without the contribution that you made to Afghanistan's liberation."

Hamid Karzai, Chairman of the Interim Administration of Afghanistan,
31 January 2002

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