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October 19, 2004 | 2:23 p.m.(EDT)

Q: Bob from Tampa:
What are you doing to improve health care?

A: Doug Badger, Senior Health Policy Advisor:

Millions of Americans lack health insurance coverage today. For them, the anxiety of not knowing how they will find the resources to pay their medical bills is a daily concern. Millions more worry that they might lose coverage if they lose their jobs or change jobs. And while most seniors have prescription drug coverage, millions do not and many are needlessly being forced to choose between their medicines and other life necessities because they don.t about the help that is available to them today through Medicare-approved prescription drug discount cards.

The President.s proposals to make health care more affordable address all of these concerns, from the uninsured child in a low-income household to the senior struggling to make ends meet on a social security check.

In addition to strengthening and improving Medicare and adding prescription drug coverage to the program, the President has:

Despite this progress, there is more to be done. The percentage of Americans who lack coverage is the same as it was in 1996, although fewer children are uninsured than in any year since 1989 and the percentage of children who lack coverage has never been lower. The President has a common sense plan to extend coverage to millions more Americans.

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