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"Our alliance must remain tough in the war against global terror; that even though we've had some initial successes, there's still danger for countries which embrace freedom, countries such as ours or Germany, France, Russia or Italy. And as an alliance, we must continue to fight against global terror. We've got to be tough." President George W. Bush

Remarks by the First Lady in a Toast

Webcasts from Europe and Russia
Listen to the President's speeches and press conferences.

President Bush, Russian President Putin Sign Nuclear Arms Treaty
Read the Transcript
Listen to the Event
Nuclear Arms Treaty Signed
President's Speech to Religious Leaders
President Thanks Germany for Support
President Meets with German Chancellor
President's Normandy Speech
NATO-Russia Council Established
Secretary Powell's Briefing

President's Trip to Europe and Russia
President Bush is wrapping up a successful and historic trip to Europe and Russia. Learn more about the trip with a briefing from Secretary of State Colin Powell.

President Bush and Chancellor Schroeder held a bilateral meeting Thursday. The President later addressed a special session of the German Bundestag. He outlined his vision of a Europe, whole, free and at peace, and discussed U.S./European hard work and joint success in realizing that vision approaching the NATO summit in Prague.

President and Mrs. Bush departed for Moscow Thursday afternoon. President Bush met with President Putin, and the two leaders later held an expanded bilateral meeting where a historic nuclear arms treaty was signed. The President later spoke to Religious and Community Leaders in Moscow.

This historic treaty reduces U.S. and Russian strategic nuclear forces by roughly two-thirds over 10 years. This agreement signifies that the vestiges of the Cold War are behind the two countries, and sets the stage for a new era of cooperation and friendship. Read the Fact Sheet.

President Bush and President Putin discussed the future of Russia's economy while fielding questions from students at St. Petersburg University. Learn more.
President Bush and President Chirac discussed the war on terrorism, the future of NATO and the importance of achieving peace in the Middle East. Learn more.
Speaking to reporters, President Bush discussed the continuing violence in the Middle East and missile tests in Pakistan. Learn more.

President Bush delivered a Memorial Day speech at the Normandy American Cemetery in Colleville-Sur-Mer, France. Learn more.
President Bush and the other NATO Heads of State and Government have agreed with Russian President Putin to establish th e NATO-Russia Council. Read the President's Remarks. Read the Fact Sheet. During the meetings in Moscow, Dialogue participants presented President Bush and President Putin with a report containing specific, concrete reform recommendations. Learn more.

In order to strengthen the overall U.S.-Russian relationship and enhance global energy security and international strategic stability, President Bush and President Putin agreed to launch a bilateral energy dialogue. Read the Joint Announcement. Read the Fact Sheet.

The Russian-American Business Dialogue (RABD) was established by the Russian and American business communities and welcomed by Presidents Bush and Putin at the July 2001 Genoa Summit. Learn more. Find out more about the Investment Fund for Russia and Eurasia.

Since Presidents Bush and Putin launched it in November 2001, the Russian-American Media Entrepreneurship Dialogue has met several times, both in Russia and in the United States. The purpose of this Dialogue is to improve business conditions that can support free and independent private journalism. Learn more.

The creation of the U.S.-Russia Working Group on Counterterrorism was announced Friday. Among other issues, this Working Group will address the threats posed by nuclear, biological, and chemical terrorism. The next meeting of the Working Group will take place in the Washington area in July 2002. Learn more.

President Bush and President Putin expressed confidence Friday in progress made in the last year to build a "dynamic, forward-leaning economic relationship" between the U.S. and Russia. Learn more.

President Bush and President Putin said Friday there is an opportunity to move away from the current unacceptable situation of terror and violence towards a resumption of meaningful negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. Learn more.

Civil aviation relations with Russia are governed by a bilateral Air Transport Agreement. On April 11, 2002, an agreement was reached to amend and extend the provisions to April 2004. Learn more.

From 1992-2002, the Departments of State, Defense and Energy Have funded over $4.9 billion in nonproliferation and threat reduction assistance to Russia. For FY 2002, United States Government security-related assistance for Russia totals over $870 million. Learn more.

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