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What is Trade Promotion Authority?

"It is important for America to understand that we’re good at what we do. We can compete with anybody in the world. We'’ve got the most productiv workforce on the face of the Earth; therefore, let’s open up markets to sell our products. The Senate has got to give me the ability to do that."

—President George W. Bush
Charleston, West Virginia
January 24, 2002

"Good jobs depend on expanded trade. Selling into new markets creates new jobs, so I ask Congress to finally approve trade promotion authority."

--President George W. Bush
State of the Union Address
January 29, 2002

  • Since trade promotion authority lapsed in 1994, America has stood on the sidelines while countries worldwide have brokered trade agreements that benefit their workers, their businesses and their economies.
  • Soon after taking office, President Bush called on Congress to grant him Trade Promotion Authority to reassert America’s leadership in promoting American goods and the expertise of America’s workforce to more markets. The need for expanded markets dramatically escalated after our nation’s economy began declining last March, and the events of September 11th forced so many Americans out of their jobs.
  • In December, the House passed a bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority bill. The Senate Finance Committee quickly followed their lead with a strong bipartisan vote of 18-3 in support of TPA.
  • America is poised to get back into the game and compete on behalf of American workers, businesses and the economy. But in order for that to happen, the full Senate must take bold action, and pass a Trade Promotion Authority bill.
  • In this time of economic uncertainty, the stakes could not be higher. The President has called on the Senate to do the right thing for American workers and the U.S. economy by passing this important trade legislation. It will:
  • Many respected leaders, cabinet officials from both parties, and seven presidents of liberal and conservative think tanks, have called on Congress to pass Trade Promotion Authority. They understand that giving the President this important tool is a critical step toward economic recovery for America.
  • Trade is essential to America’s economic growth and prosperity.
  • Every day that America delays, other countries throughout the world are entering into trade agreements without us, benefiting their workers, their farmers, their businesses and their economies at the expense of ours.
  • The Lack of Trade Promotion Authority is Placing American Exporters at a Disadvantage

    For example, Brazil and Canada have preferential trade agreements with Chile, which place their exporters at an advantage and American exporters at a disadvantage:

    Trade is Good for America’s Farmers and Ranchers

    Trade is Good for America’s Small Businesses

    Trade is Good for American Global Leadership

    For more information on the President’s Initiatives, visit the White House website at

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