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Educating America: The President's Initiatives for High School, Higher Education and Job Training

Executive Summary

President Bush is helping to expand opportunities for American students and workers. His proposals will help more Americans graduate from high school prepared for college or the workforce, access postsecondary education, and get the job training and skills to compete in a changing and dynamic economy and fill jobs in emerging industries.

Students who fall behind in reading have a greater chance of dropping out of high school altogether. Nationally, of 100 ninth-graders, only 68 will graduate from high school on time, only 38 will directly enter college, only 26 are still enrolled their sophomore year, and only 18 will end up graduating from college. The rates for minority students are even lower. Only one-third of America's workforce has any post-secondary education, yet 60% of new jobs in the 21st century require post-secondary education.

The President has set a new national goal: to ensure that every high school student graduates and is ready for the workplace or college.

High School Education: Through No Child Left Behind, President Bush has already made the commitment to make a real difference in America's schools. While No Child Left Behind will prepare a new generation of students with the knowledge they need to succeed, more can be done to improve our Nation's high schools to meet the needs of the 21st Century workforce. President Bush has proposed initiatives to ensure that every student graduates from high school prepared to enter college or the workforce with the skills needed to succeed, including:

Higher Education: Many of the fastest-growing occupations require strong math and science preparation and training beyond the high school level. Unfortunately, not enough high school students are receiving the skills they need to succeed in higher education and for the best jobs. Building off the high school initiatives, President Bush's higher education proposals will ensure college students are better prepared, provided greater access to college, and are more successful in completing a post-secondary education. His proposals include:

Better Training for Better Jobs: President Bush has proposed community-based job training grants and significant reforms to Federal worker training programs to double the number of workers receiving job training, to ensure those programs work better for America's workers, and to close the skills gap so we fill every high-growth job with a well-trained American worker, including:

President Bush Supports America's High Schools

The First Step: The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001

Helping Young Americans to Get the Skills They Need to Succeed

The President's Solution

President Bush Supports Higher Education

Helping College Students to Get the Skills They Need to Succeed

The President's Solution

President Bush Supports Better Training for Better Jobs

America's Economy is Changing

The President's Solution

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