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Excerpt from July 3, 2002 Press Briefing with
White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer

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Q: Yes, a couple things. One on the Form 4, you said you weren't sure whose legal responsibility it is to fill out the form that's filled out by corporations. But I gather from your explanation that you're saying the president believes that it was the corporation's responsibility and not his own.

MR. FLEISCHER: It is a corporate responsibility to file the form. The question was legal liability, and I don't know the answer to that.

But also in terms of legal liability, I think when you take a look at this, the SEC is well aware of this, as you all have reported now for more than a decade. The SEC has been well aware of this issue involving the Form 4, the filing of the forms. And they've looked at all of this, and the SEC has concluded that this is not anything that's actionable.

Q: Are there any other events the president is preparing on this subject which seems to be really driving media today? Not only today, but I mean, investors, everybody...

MR. FLEISCHER: I would just suggest tune in to the president's remarks. The president feels very strongly about the importance of promoting and focusing on corporate accountability, corporate responsibility. The president frequently talks about the responsibility era, and that applies to all in our society, including America's corporations.

And so, you will hear the president make some remarks about that, and any other additional activities by the administration we'll keep you filled in on it.

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