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President Bush's Budget and North Carolina

February 7, 2005
The President's Budget builds on his first term's progress by focusing resources on the Nation's priorities while exercising prudent spending restraint in order to achieve the President's goal of cutting the deficit in half by 2009.

Defending our Nation from attack by increasing funding for defense, homeland security, and international assistance and security efforts, including:

Building on pro-growth economic policies by making the President's tax cuts permanent and by expanding opportunity and education for all Americans, including:

Assisting those most in need by promoting accessible health care, providing shelter to the homeless, and fighting the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, including:

Providing vital resources to advance scientific research, develop clean and affordable sources of energy, clean up polluted sites in our inner cities, and maintain our commitment to our Nation's parks, including:

Budget Items of Special Interest to North Carolina

On top of the dramatic funding increases for key K-12 programs since 2001, the President's Budget provides continued support for No Child Left Behind.