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Safety on the National Mall

The nation is currently at an elevated state of alert (code "yellow"), which constitutes a significant risk of terrorist attack. Because of the current threat environment, the U.S. Park Police is working with local, state, and federal law enforcement personnel to enhance security and to ensure the safety and enjoyment for all who will be participating in the Indepedence Day celebrations on the National Mall and surrounding areas. The mall will be opened to the public at 10:00 a.m.

First Aid Tents
A number of first aid tents will be located throughout the National Mall area. These tents are equipped to respond to most medical needs and emergencies as well as to request ambulance service. The tents are staffed by park rangers and volunteers certified in first aid or as Emergency Medical Technicians. Look for first aid volunteers wearing designated T-shirts as they patrol the Mall on foot or bicycle.

Stop by a first aid tent to cool off in front of a fan or to get a drink of water!

First aid tent locations include:
Survey Lodge Ranger Station
      Independence Ave. SW of Washington Monument
11:00 am until fireworks
Washington Monument Parking Lot
      16th St. and Constitution Ave.
11:00 am until fireworks
Smithsonian Metro Station
      National Mall at 12th Street
11:00 am until fireworks
Korean War Veterans Memorial
      11:00 am until fireworks
Thomas Jefferson Memorial
      West side near parking lot
3:30 pm until fireworks
U.S. Capitol
      West lawn
4:00 pm until fireworks
Independence Day Parade
      18th St. and Constitution Ave.
open for duration of parade

Park rangerPark rangers at the memorials can also provide first aid assistance.

Please follow these precautions if you are located near the launch site (Reflecting Pool) during the fireworks display:
     Consider wearing eye protection and ear plugs.
     Do not enter the fenced safety zones around the launch site.
     After the fireworks, do not walk along Independence Ave. between Daniel Chester French Dr. and 17th St. until safety teams clear the area of potentially harmful fireworks debris.

Wading in the Reflecting Pool
Do not wade in the Reflecting Pool!

The National Park Service prohibits wading in the Reflecting Pool.

The Reflecting Pool contains stagnant, non-circulating water which is not filtered nor treated. The bacteria in the water may cause infection or illness.

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