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White House Offices

The Office of Presidential Advance coordinates all logistical arrangements for Presidential visits.

Cabinet Liaison
The Office of Cabinet Liaison is the primary point of contact between the White House, Cabinet members and executive agency heads.

White House Counsel
The Counsel's office advises the President on all legal issues concerning the President and the White House.

The Communications Office is responsible for the planning and production of the President's media events.

The Office of Presidential Correspondence receives, responds to, and processes all correspondence addressed to President George W. Bush.

Domestic Policy Council
The Domestic Policy Council coordinates the policy-making process with respect to domestic issues and ensures that domestic policy decisions and programs are effective and consistent with the President's stated goals.

Faith-Based and Community Initiatives
The Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (OFBCI) coordinates efforts to empower community and faith-based organizations working to confront poverty and social needs. The OFBCI focuses on both policy development and community outreach.

The White House Fellows Office oversees the application, selection, and placement process of each class of White House Fellows, and the day-to-day operation of the program. The office also plans, coordinates, and hosts activities that comprise the White House Fellows Education Program.

Intergovernmental Affairs
Intergovernmental Affairs (IGA) serves as the President's liaison to state, local, and tribal governments.

Legislative Affairs
The Office of Legislative Affairs serves as the President’s liaison to the United States Congress.

Mrs. Bush's Office
This office promotes Mrs. Bush's initiatives and projects, publicizes events involving the First Lady to the national and international media, assists Mrs. Bush in planning her schedule of activities, and assists with her correspondence with the public.

National Economic Council
The National Economic Council coordinates the economic policy-making process with respect to domestic and international economic issues. This office ensures that economic policy decisions and programs are consistent with the President's stated goals, and ensures those goals are effectively pursued.

Office of the Vice President
The Vice President's Office assists and advises the Vice President in his executive and legislative duties. The Vice President's staff provides support on domestic policy, national security affairs, legislative affairs, communications, scheduling, and advance.

Political Affairs
The Office of Political Affairs ensures that the executive branch and the President are aware of the concerns of the American citizen.

Public Liaison
The Office of Public Liaison promotes Presidential priorities through outreach to concerned constituencies and public interest groups. This includes planning White House briefings, meetings, and large events with the President, Vice President, and other White House staff.

Photo Office
The White House Photo Office photographically documents and maintains an archive of official events of the President, Mrs. Bush, Vice President Cheney, and Mrs. Cheney.

Presidential Personnel
The Presidential Personnel Office recruits, screens, and recommends qualified candidates for Presidential appointments to Federal departments and agencies.

The Presidential Scheduling Office is responsible for the planning, organization, and implementation of the President's daily and long-range schedules. All requests for appointments, meetings, or events with the President are directed through this office.

The Office of Speechwriting is charged with crafting the President's message in formal speeches and other remarks.

Strategic Initiatives
The Office of Strategic Initiatives plans, develops, and coordinates a long-range strategy for achieving Presidential priorities. The office conducts research and assists in message development.

Travel Office
The Travel Office provides logistical travel support for the President, First Lady, Vice President, and the White House Press Corps (when they accompany). This office works closely with the Office of Presidential Advance, White House Press Office and members of the White House Press Corps.

USA Freedom Corps
USA Freedom Corps encourages Americans to answer President Bush's Call to Service, works to strengthen national service programs, and helps establish new volunteer initiatives to serve community needs.

White House Management
The White House Management Office manages the daily operations and administration for the White House Offices. This includes budget, purchasing, facility and asset management, travel and other administrative support for the White House staff.

White House Personnel
The Personnel Office manages placement, benefits, and other employment matters concerning White House staff. In addition, this office oversees the White House Intern Program.

Visitors Office
The Visitors Office coordinates White House Tours and other special events at the White House for thousands of guests annually.

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