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Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

Fact Sheet Archive

06/26/08 - Fact Sheet: Faith-Based and Community Initiatives: Conference on Highlights Key Role of Nonprofits in Disaster Relief and Preparedness

06/26/08 - Fact Sheet: Faith-Based and Community Initiatives: Delivering Help and Hope to Millions at Home and Around the World

04/09/08 - Fact Sheet: President Bush Signs Second Chance Act of 2007

02/25/08 - Fact Sheet - The Quiet Revolution: A Seven-Year Progress Report

02/14/08 - Fact Sheet - U.S. Africa Policy: An Unparalleled Partnership Strengthening Democracy, Overcoming Poverty, and Saving Lives

01/29/08 - Fact Sheet - The Faith-Based and Community Initiative: A Quiet Revolution in the Way Government Addresses Human Need

01/28/08 - Helping Those In Need Through The Faith-Based And Community Initiative

03/09/06 - Fact Sheet - Compassion in Action: Producing Real Results for Americans Most in Need

02/01/06 - Fact Sheet: Continuing the Fight Against HIV/AIDS in America

02/02/05 - Fact Sheet - Helping America's Youth

08/03/04 - Fact Sheet - Compassion for Americans in Need

07/23/04 - Fact Sheet - Encouraging Minority Ownership

07/16/04 - Fact Sheet - Human Trafficking: a Modern Form of Slavery

06/23/04 - Fact Sheet: Extending and Improving the Lives of Those Living with HIV/AIDS

06/21/04 - Fact Sheet: President Discusses Compassion Agenda in Cincinnati, Ohio

06/01/04 - Fact Sheet: America's Compassion in Action

03/03/04 - Fact Sheet: Compassion in Action: Helping America's Charities Serve Those Most in Need

01/23/04 - Fact Sheet: Protecting Communities by Helping Returning Inmates Find Work

01/23/04 - Fact Sheet: Seeking Fair Treatment for Faith-Based and Community Charities

01/22/04 - Fact Sheet: The State of the Union

01/20/04 - New Initiatives in President Bush.s 2004 State of the Union Address

01/15/04 - Fact Sheet: Progress in Helping Americans Most in Need Through Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

12/13/03 - Fact Sheet: 2003: A Year of Accomplishments for the American People

09/22/03 - Fact Sheet: White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

02/03/03 - Fact Sheet: President Bush.s 2004 Budget

01/30/03 - Fact Sheet: Providing Help to American.s Struggling with Addictions

01/29/03 - Fact Sheet: The President.s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

11/26/02 - Fact Sheet: A Record of Accomplishments for America

12/12/02 - Fact Sheet: Progress for the President's Compassion Agenda

07/01/02 - Fact Sheet: A Compassionate Conservative Agenda for America's Inner Cities

04/11/02 - Fact Sheet: President Calls for Action by Memorial Day to Help America's Charities

01/17/02 - Fact Sheet: Promoting Strong Families and Children

06/2001 - Fact Sheet: President.s Faith-Based and Community Initiative Wins Key Endorsements