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Council on Environmental Quality
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Conserving America’s Wetlands 2007:
Three Years of Progress
Implementing the President’s Goal


Many agencies, institutions, and individuals contributed their time, energy,
and expertise to the completion of this report, as follows:

James L. Connaughton, Chairman, CEQ
David Anderson, Associate Director, OMB

White House Wetlands Working Group

Gregory Schildwachter, CEQ
George Dunlop, DOA
Tyler Duvall, DOT
Benjamin Grumbles, EPA
Timothy Keeney, NOAA
Arlen Lancaster, USDA
David Verhey, DOI
Rob Fairweather, OMB

Core Work Team

Mike Hickey, OMB
Jo Ann Mills, FWS
Jennifer Wallace, NOAA
Bill Wilen, FWS
Adam Zerrenner, OMB (on detail from FWS)

Working Group Staff

Bill Wilen, FWS (Chair)
Ellen Cummings, USACE
Paula Frechen, FWS
Camille Mittelholtz, DOT
Gregory Peck, EPA
Myra Price, EPA
Cindy Ryberg, DOI
Gregory Schildwachter, CEQ
Dave Stout, FWS
Mark Sudol, USACE
Jennifer Wallace, NOAA
Melvin Womack, NRCS


USGS National Wetlands Research Center


Mark Newcastle, FWS
Frances Pflieger, NOAA
Jerry Slaff, NOAA

This report to Congress shows how Federal agencies are implementing President George W. Bush's 2004 Earth Day goal to "work to restore and to improve and to protect at least three million acres of wetlands over the next five years." The report includes the accomplishments of the first three years and the requested budget and planned accomplishments for FY 2008, with descriptions of contributing Federal programs.

The White House Council on Environmental Quality
730 Jackson Place
Washington, DC 20503

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