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Welcome to "Ask the White House" -- an online interactive forum where you can submit questions to Bush administration officials.

Cal Ripken Jr.

Today's guest: Cal Ripken Jr.

Join White House Tee-Ball Commissioner Cal Ripken as he discusses the third season of Tee-Ball at the White House.

The online discussion will begin at 4:30 pm (Eastern Time) and last for 30 minutes.

You can submit questions now.

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This Week on Ask the White House
June 18, 2003

Mrs. Cheney
Mrs. Cheney, author, scholar and wife of the Vice President, has spent much of her professional life writing and speaking about the importance of knowing American history and teaching it well. She will take your questions today.
Full Transcript

June 17, 2003

White House Horticulturist Dale Haney
Good Afternoon, I'm Dale Haney, the White House Horticulturist and I'm happy to be here today and take questions about the grounds and gardens of the White House. Let the games begin...
Full Transcript

June 2003
June 11, 2003

Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson
Good Afternoon. Nice to be with you today. Successful trip to Chicago -- which is part of a very busy week as the administration promotes Medicare modernizati on around the country.
Full Transcript
In Focus: Medicare

June 10, 2003

Education Secretary Rod Paige
Today marks a milestone in the history of education reform. President Bush and Secretary Paige are announcing that states from Alabama to Alaska now have in place new accountability plans outlining how they will achieve the bold goal of making sure no child in America is left behind, no matter where they live.
Full Transcript

June 6, 2003

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge
Hello - thanks for taking the time to join me today on "Ask the White House". I am grateful that the President has given me the opportunity to serve this country as the first Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.
Full Transcript

June 5, 2003

White House Curator, Bill Allman
Hello! I'm Bill Allman, Curator of the White House. It is a great pleasure for me to join you today. I look forward to fielding questions from you.
Full Transcript

June 2, 2003

HUD Secretary Mel Martinez
Homeownership Month and the importance of homeownership in people's lives and positive benefits for communities.
Full Transcript

May 2003
May 28, 2003

Treasury Secretary John Snow
Good afternoon, thanks for joining me on "Ask the White House." I am looking forward to taking your questions.
Full Transcript

May 27, 2003

Dr. Joseph O'Neill, Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy
I'm happy to be here today to answer questions on the President's Global AIDS Initiative.
Full Transcript

May 22, 2003

White House Chef Walter Scheib
Thank you all for your questions, and I hope that you find the answers informative and interesting.
Full Transcript


May 20, 2003

Interior Secretary Gale Norton
Good evening, I'm Gale Norton, Secretary of the Department of the Interior. This morning Agriculture Secretary Veneman and I...
Full Transcript


May 15, 2003

White House Photo Director Eric Draper
Good evening everyone. This is Eric Draper, Director of the White House Photo Office...
Full Transcript

May 8, 2003

Counsel to the President Judge Alberto Gonzales
Tomorrow is the two year anniversary of the president's first 11 Appeals Court nominations.
Full Transcript


May 7, 2003

Steve Friedman, Director of the National Economic Council and Assistant to the President for Economic Policy
As you know, the U.S. economy is growing, but not fast enough to create the jobs that we need.
Full Transcript

April 2003
April 22, 2003

EPA Administrator Hosts Earth Day Online Discussion
On this Earth Day 2003, I welcome you to the third of our "Ask the White House" online discussions. Full Transcript

April 17, 2003

E-Gov Chief Discusses Electronic Government
Good Afternoon, I'm Mark Forman, the newly appointed Administrator of E-Government and Information Technology ...
Full Transcript

April 16, 2003

Secretary Card Hosts Inaugural Online Discussion
Good evening, I'm Andy Card - Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush.
Full Transcript

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