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Welcome to "Ask the White House" -- an online interactive forum where you can submit questions to Administration officials and friends of the White House. Visit the "Ask the White House" archives to read other discussions with White House officials.

Troy Aikman

March 24, 2008

Troy Aikman
It has been a great Easter weekend in the nation’s capital for me and my family. We have experienced so many wonderful things over the past couple of days. Today is equally exciting to be a part of the Easter Egg Roll at The White House and to answer some of your questions.

Maureen, from Cinnaminson, NJ writes:
Troy, At what point in your life did you realize that you could have an impact on your community? Also, is this your first White House Easter Roll?

Troy Aikman
I guess I realized right around the time that I joined the Cowboys in 1989 that I would have an opportunity to do some things for those less fortunate. I began the Troy Aikman Foundation in '92 and I've been very proud of the work that we've done. We put in interactive playrooms in Children's Hospitals around the country. This was my first White House Easter Egg Roll and is was fantastic! I had the entire family with me and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Brian, from Dallas, TX writes:
Troy- Do you miss playing football or is does your role as comentator fill the void? Follow-up (that's how they roll in D.C.)- have you ever been on Air Force One? If so, please elaborate.

Troy Aikman
I don't so much miss "playing" football as much as I miss "winning". I miss being a part of the big games like the Conference Championship Games or the Super Bowls. Beyond that, I have not missed playing too much. I have really enjoyed the broadcasting I do during the year for Fox Sports. I have never been on Air Force One but I'd sure like to one day...I doubt that will ever happen though...: )

Brian, from Springfield, VA writes:
Did you find any difficulty transitioning to the broadcasting booth?

Troy Aikman
Not too much. I have been fortunate to work with some really good people. I initially broke into broadcasting with Cowboys play-by-play man, Brad Sham. He taught me a lot. My first year with Fox I was paired with Dick Stockton and he continue to teach me a great deal. For the past 6 years I have worked with Joe Buck and he is as good as there is in the business.

Scott, from Camp Hill, PA writes:
I became a Cowboy fan at age 9 and emptied my bank account to see my first game in person at Super Bowl XXVII. Thank you for making it money well spent As partners in Hall of Fame Racing, you and Roger Staubach have led very similar lives: smart, competitive, driven to perfection, as well as very community and family-oriented (his first 3 children were girls, too). He was a broadcaster for a while, and now you're getting into real estate development

How influential has Roger been on you as a player and a person? Did you (consciously or subconsciously) choose him as a role model when you came to Dallas or is it just a coincidence that the two of you parallel each other so much?

Thanks for being a role model for my kids who have followed your career (and post-career) closely

Troy Aikman
Roger was a guy that I had looked up to while I was growing up in Oklahoma and he was quarterbacking the Cowboys. It was great when I joined the Cowboys and we became such good friends. Roger is as fine a person as I know and I've enjoyed being partners, as well as friends over the years.

nancy, from ohio writes:
Of all your achievements, of which are you most proud?

Troy Aikman
I'm most proud of my family. That sounds cliche' but it is so true with me. I've had a chance to do a lot of things and experience some incredible moments but all of those things pale in comparison to having a family and spending time with them.

Katie, from Chicago writes:
What book did you read at the Easter Egg Roll?

Troy Aikman
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss.

sam, from fairfax writes:
What was your favorite part of the Easter Egg Roll? Did you have fun?

Troy Aikman
My favorite part was getting the opportunity to meet The President and First Lady. I also got to meet former President George H. Bush and his wife Barbara. What a genuine family.

Lauren, from Columbus writes:
How did you get involved with the Easter Egg Roll?

Troy Aikman
I was asked if I would read a book at the Easter Egg Roll. I felt it was an opportunity that may not come around again and I was honored to be asked. Typically we have all my sisters, Mom, etc come to Dallas for Easter but this year we spent it in DC and had a great experience.

Dave, from Lordstown Ohio writes:
What was it like to go to the Super Bowl?

Troy Aikman
The Super Bowl was the greatest athletic event that I have ever been a part of. It’s the game that every player in the NFL strives to play in each season. I was fortunate enough to be a part of three Super Bowl teams.

Will, from San Diego writes:
What kind of community service do you do?

Troy Aikman
I began my own foundation, The Troy Aikman Foundation, in 1992. We build interactive playrooms in children’s hospitals all over the country. I have also been very active in Big Brothers Big Sisters.

John, from Fort Myers, FL writes:
Troy, congratulations on your outstanding career and your selection to the NFL Hall of Fame.If you were in charge of the Cowboys draft, who would be your 1 pick ?

Troy Aikman
I would be interested in drafting a wide receiver very early in the draft, provided there is a quality wide receiver available at the time of the Cowboys pick. If you think about it, the Cowboys have not drafted and developed a #1 WR in the 19 years that Jerry Jones has owned the team. Michael Irvin was drafted by Tex Schramm the year before Jerry bought the Cowboys.

John, from Fort Myers, FL writes:
Which Cowboys team (that you played with) did you think was the best ?

Troy Aikman
I always thought our ’92 team was the best team I played on.

Troy Aikman
Thank you so much for allowing me to spend some time with you today and answer some of your questions. It has been a great weekend for me and I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter weekend as well.

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