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Coming Home for Homecoming Photo Essay

Returning to the wide open country of Wyoming, Vice President Dick Cheney sheds his business coat and slips into the familiar feel of an orange and black letterman's jacket. The jacket resembles the one he wore 43 years ago as co-captain of the Natrona County High School football team. It was presented to the Vice President during a locker room pre-game rally.

Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife Lynne Cheney visited their hometown of Casper, Wyo., Sept. 20, 2002 to attend the homecoming football game and dedication ceremony of the football field. The Cheney's alma mater named their recently-renovated football stadium "Cheney Alumni Field," in honor of the school's former football co-captain and senior class president.

Now clad in his school colors, Dick Cheney led the current football captain Sean Murphy and drum major Lindsay Goering onto the freshly painted field for the dedication ceremony. As daylight faded, the Vice President tossed a coin to begin the clash between the Mustangs and the Cheyenne Central High School Indians. Unlike years past, Dick Cheney, #16, would not lead the Mustangs to victory as his girlfriend cheered along on the sidelines. Instead, he took a seat among the crowd of excited fans and, with his high school sweetheart at his side, watched his team win the homecoming game.

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