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Records Management


Can I take copies of Federal records with me when I leave?
You may take copies only if their removal
  • Is approved in accordance with agency policy.
  • Will not diminish the official record.
  • Will not exceed normal administrative costs.
  • Does not include information that is security classified, subject to the Privacy Act, or otherwise prohibited from release.

Can I donate Federal records?
Federal records are not yours to donate, but you may be able to donate copies of certain records. Check with your agency's records officer.

You may, of course, make arrangements to donate your personal papers to an institution you designate. You may wish to consider donating them to NARA for deposit in the Presidential Library.

What happens to the records in my office when I leave?
  • Some may be needed for continuing business.
  • Others may be sent to storage or destroyed.
  • Your "permanent" records will eventually be transferred to the National Archives.
  • You can arrange to have access to your records after you leave the government.

Guidance from the National Archives and Records Administration
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