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Donald Lee Korb -- Department of the Treasury
Chief Counsel -- IRS

The chief counsel is the chief law officer for the IRS and an assistant general counsel for the Treasury. The chief counsel supervises more than 1,550 attorneys who are assigned among the IRS National Office and the major operational divisions of the agency. The chief counsel’s office plays a central role in the Administration of the federal tax laws. Its attorneys provide guidance on the correct legal interpretation of the tax laws, represent the IRS in litigation, and provide all other legal support the IRS needs to carry out its mission of serving American taxpayers. Before assuming his current position, Korb was a partner in the taxation practice area of the law firm of Thompson Hine. He has more than 32 years of experience in the practice of tax law, and before becoming chief counsel, focused his practice on handling taxpayer examinations, appeals, litigation, criminal tax and other contested matters, advising clients on prospective transactions, and obtaining rulings and other technical guidance from the IRS National Office. Korb’s background includes a combination of both public service and private practice. From 1984 until 1986, he served as assistant to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. During that time he was the overall coordinator of the IRS’ involvement in the legislative process that resulted in the landmark Tax Reform Act of 1986. Before that, at the beginning of his legal career from 1974 through 1977, Korb was an attorney-advisor in Washington in the IRS Office of Chief Counsel, the office he now heads. During 1995, he served as tax adviser to the National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform (the so-called Kemp Commission). During 1997 and the first half of 1998, Korb was a tax partner in the big-six accounting firm of Coopers & Lybrand. The rest of his legal career was with the Thompson Hine law firm.

Donald Lee Korb
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