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The Scorecard


The major elements of this standard describe the fully successful level of performance. Although each of these performance elements is rated independently, they are interrelated. Each element contributes to the executive's overall performance and is designated as a critical element. The second element, Results Driven, is the primary tool for assessing the results of the executive's efforts. This element encompasses the goals and means in the agency's Annual Performance Plan as well as appropriate business/work plans for which the executive is responsible.

While this Standard is designed to provide a uniform reference point for the assessment of executive performance across an organization, the applicability of each element and sub-element of the Standard itself will vary from one executive to another, based on the actual scope of the executive's position.

Raters should take this variability into account at the end of the rating period. Similarly, the Standard contemplates the development of annual work plan for the executive. Events and circumstances can in intervene which require alterations in plans, and work plans should be formally modified to reflect changed circumstances. There may be occasions when this is not possible or practical. Raters should take changed circumstances into account at the end of the appraisal period.

In addition to organizational results, customer satisfaction and employee perceptions will be taken into consideration in rating the various performance elements. Formal surveys are one way to obtain customer and employee feedback. Less formal indicators include repeat customer business and level of business brought in (for reimbursable functions), unsolicited compliments from customers and employees; affirmative action reports; and grievance and EEO findings; etc. A "fully successful" performance standard is provided for each performance element. Performance standard definitions for other levels are:

Outstanding: Job performance consistently and significantly exceeds that expected as described in the performance standard at the Fully Successful level. The Senior Executive has demonstrated unusual initiative in achieving results. This rating represents a level of performance that is unusual and of such quality that it would normally occur among only a small percentage of executives.
Exceeds Fully Successful: Job performance consistently exceeds that expected as described in the performance standard at the Fully Successful level.
Minimally Satisfactory: Job performance was occasionally less than that expected in the Fully Successful performance standard.
Unsatisfactory: Job performance was generally less than that expected in the Fully Successful performance standard.

A summary rating is derived from an assessment of the Executive's overall performance as follows:

Outstanding (O) The majority of elements are rated Outstanding, and must include an Outstanding rating for Results Driven. No element is rated below E.
Exceeds Fully Successful (E) The majority of elements are rated at the E level or above. No element is rated below F.
Fully Successful (F) All elements are rated at least F.
Minimally Satisfactory (M) One or more elements are rated M.
Unsatisfactory (U) One or more elements are rated U.

If the rating official believes that a higher or lower rating is justified than that derived by the process above, specific performance-related reasons should be noted on the appraisal coversheet. Ratings may not be raised or lowered more than one performance level.

An Unsatisfactory summary rating cannot be raised nor can a Minimally Satisfactory rating be lowered to Unsatisfactory since a rating of Unsatisfactory on a performance element is required.

OPM Form 1653
February 2002
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