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How They Did It

How They Did It: The Creation of FirstGov
October, 2003 - Mary Joy Jameson, Associate Administrator for the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Office of Citizen Services & Communication (OCSC), describes how GSA created the Web site.
Best Practices: USDA Receives First Clean Audit Opinion Ever
Ted McPherson shares how the Department of Agriculture produced timely financial statements free of significant errors or misstatements for the first time in its 140-year history.
Best Practices: Treasury Meets Accelerated Financial Reporting Deadline
The Department of Treasury describes how it met the accelerated year-end financial reporting deadline two years ahead of schedule.
Michael Jackson and Admiral Jim Loy Discuss the Creation of the Transportation Security Administration
On March 10, 2003, members of the President's sub-cabinet heard about the creation of the Transportation Security Administration, a story that demonstrated how the combination of passion, attention to detail, and measuring for performance can create breakthrough results in government. Two of the principle managers of the TSA start-up, Michael Jackson, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Transportation and Admiral Jim Loy, Under Secretary of Transportation for Security, addressed the audience.
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