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FAIR Act Inventory Spreadsheet Guidance
Content and Format of Inventories

To improve the consistency of commercial and inherently governmental inventories on a government-wide basis, agencies will submit inventories to OMB using the Excel spreadsheet available on the OMB website at: /omb/procurement/fair-index.html. The information required in the submissions is described below.

Organizational unit
Agency Enter 3-digit agency code published in Circular A-11, Appendix C. 3-char limit
Bureau Enter bureau code published in Circular A-11, Appendix C. 2-char limit
Organization Unit abbreviation Enter abbreviation that corresponds to the agency and bureau, e.g., FHA could be used for the Federal Highway Administration in the Department of Transportation. 15-char limit
City Enter City Name 25-char limit
State Enter two letter abbreviation used by the US Postal Service. Abbreviations are provided: Blank when the location is not in the United States.
Country Enter US B United States Spell out all other countries
Status of Full-Time Equivalent Employees (FTEs)
FTEs Enter FTEs for the activity. Round to the nearest whole number. See ‘additional note’ below.
Activity Function Code Enter a Function Code for each applicable Status Code from OMB list of function codes.  
Status Enter
C - Commercial
I - Inherently governmental
The data element allows agencies to submit a single report to OMB.

Reason Code

Enter the reason code for commercial activity (status) functions only - reason that it is subject or not subject to cost comparison or direct conversion. Reason codes are found in OMB Circular A-76, revised May 2003
Additional Information
Year that activity first appeared on FAIR Act Inventory Enter year. Initial value was 1999. Applies only to commercial activities - Required by FAIR Act. Blank when the status (above) is inherently governmental.
Contact Information (for Federal employee(s) knowledgeable of program)
Contact Last Name Enter name of person responsible for activity or contact person for commercial and inherently governmental status. 20-char limit
Contact First Name   15-char limit
Contact Prefix Optionally enter Miss, Mr., Ms., Mrs. 5-char limit
Contact Suffix Optionally enter Jr., Sr., II, III 5-char limit
Contact E-Mail   35-char limit
Contact Phone No.   20-char limit


FTEs - As was done for the previous inventories, the spreadsheet includes the total number of FTEs published in the current year column of the President's Budget. Agencies must provide a separate written explanation if the FTEs listed on their inventory submission (both commercial and inherently governmental) do not match the current year FTE levels published in the President’s Budget (aggregated at agency/bureau level).


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